Mom comes up with a genius trick to get her teenage girl to clean her room with rice

Teens are known to be sleepy, cluttered and often leave a trail of dirty laundry and laundry in their wake.

Their bedrooms usually look like a war zone, and one mother had had enough of asking her daughter to clean up, so she took matters into her own hands. Tiffany Hammer of Los Angeles filmed her messy 16-year-old’s room and shared the clip on TikTok on Sunday saying, “When your teen doesn’t clean his room.”

The bed is not made, clothes and hangers are scattered on the floor, every surface covered in clutter. Instead of grounding her baby, restricting privileges or simply asking them to clean it up, the mother decided to take a sneaky approach.

She bought some black rice, and sprinkled it around the room to mimic rodent excrement. Hammer left the grains of rice in the cupboard, on her bedside table, on the floor, and even under the quilt.

The clip has garnered over 6 million views, and can be seen here, with people calling Hammer a “genius”.

Hammer explains more about why she puts so much effort into cleaning her little one, in the comments Hammer said, “It doesn’t bother me, unless it’s dirty. Her room was a mess. But she has a dog and I wash her constantly. Clothes are clean because she’s covered in hair.”

“Usually if her room isn’t cleaned in the morning, I take her phone, but I’m lazy this week,” she added. Her alternate method turned out to be a cure, with Hammer asserting, “She’s cleaning now.”

In a follow-up clip, also shared on Sunday, revealing a clean and tidy bedroom, Hammer updated fans, saying, “Since you all asked #PART2, she even cleaned out her closet and got rid of the clothes.”

People were desperate to see if she had confessed to her daughter’s prank hack, Hammer revealed, “I told her after I cleaned most of the room.”

She added, “It’s not ideal but we’re at 1,700 square feet rent and have moved out of a 3,600 square foot home. So until we buy a home, the space is down.”

Her trick collected dozens of impressive comments, as Josip wrote: “Oh my God, that’s a genius, I’ll try on my son.”

Lulu6977 commented, “This is genius. Teaching your kids responsibility starts with cleaning their rooms! Not their entire space when you’re in your house. Rock on mom!”

Duffy noted. “I like this idea. Instead of cleaning their rooms for them, you teach them what can happen if they stay unclean!!”

While Dana Bedsole333 added: “Genius. I’ll buy a bag tomorrow!”

Liz Kiss said, “All these other dads are trying this mom’s guilt, that’s genius! I hated cleaning my room but I was lazy and would rather do other things…”

Although some criticized Hammer for sharing the clutter, saying it might be a sign of underlying problems, others picked up certain objects in the room, including the lighter.

In response to the numerous comments, a third clip was shared that is believed to show the daughter saying; “Let’s talk about these allegations.

“My room was a mess for four days, when I started cleaning up my ADHD kicks…my mom looked at flying birds. If I had mental health issues, my mom is my best friend and she’ll be the first to know. I can tell. her anything.

“My mother didn’t humiliate me by posting my room, if she thought she wouldn’t post it. The lighter and spoon are gone.”

NEWSWEEK I contacted Hammer for comment.

File photo of a messy room. A mother was hailed as a “genius” for getting her daughter to clean her room with rice.
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