Narendra Modi is not the only prime minister who also serves as an administrator: netizens correct Sushil Modi

Netizens have pulled BJP MP and Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Sushil Kumar Modi for saying that Narendra Modi is India’s only prime minister who has also served as state chief minister.

Addressing a gathering to discuss the party’s decision to celebrate Prime Minister Modi’s birthdayWhich falls on September 17, Modi said through Siva Samarban Pakhwada, “People sitting here may not know that Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat for 13 years. Then he became the Prime Minister of the country. It has been seven years for him, which means that he He has been serving the country for the past 20 years as the Chief Minister and Chief Minister. After independence, there was not a single Prime Minister in the country, he served as the Prime Minister as well as the Chief Minister. Narendra Modi is the only one. As Prime Minister, he took Gujarat to great heights and when he became As Prime Minister, the whole world celebrates India.”

MP Rajya Sabha posted the video of his speech on Twitter. But the factually incorrect statement did not sit well with the netizens who taught it. Narendra Modi is, in fact, the sixth Prime Minister who has also served as Prime Minister.

According to the information readily available on the government website of the Prime Minister of India, Morarji Desai was the first Prime Minister who was also the Prime Minister. Desai assumed the premiership in 1977. In 1952, he had served as prime minister in the Bombay Presidency.

Charan Singh, who became Chief Minister in 1979, was Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in 1967 and for the second time in 1970.

VP Singh served as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in 1980 and became the country’s Chief Minister in 1989.

PV Narasimha Rao served as Chief Minister from 1991 to 1996. He was Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh from 1971 to 1973.

HD Deve Gowda, who became Chief Minister in 1996, was elected Chief Minister of Karnataka in 1994.

Netizens are calling out Sushil Modi

Several netizens responded to MP Rajya Sabha’s tweet, calling his mistake.

Someone said: “It would be wise to check the facts before posting the unverified WhatsApp forward (sic).

Sushil Modi later tweeted that Narendra Modi was the only Prime Minister to have served as Prime Minister for 13 consecutive years and then as Prime Minister for seven years.


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