Netflix’s ‘Arcane’ Is No. 1 Digital Original Series With US Audiences – Deadline

Netflix’s mysterious, An League of Legends prequel, hits a sweet spot with streaming audiences, according to a just-released report from Parrot Analytics.

During the last full week of data (November 13-19), mysterious became the number one digital original series with American audiences, Parrot claims. That means it defeated frontrunners like Strange things and The Mandalorian.

Parrot analysis

As of 21 Nov. mysterious – which has already been renewed for a second season – was the third most requested series in the world across all platforms. worldwide, mysterious had 67.1x more demand than the average show worldwide, using only Amazon Prime Videos The wheel of time (74.8x) and HBOs Game of Thrones (70.7x).

Audience demand for the show has grown exponentially since it debuted — up 629% from a global audience and 228% from a U.S. audience between its Nov. 6 debut and Nov. 21, the last day data is available for this analysis.

The show has a hybrid release schedule, releasing batches of three episodes on the last three Saturdays. Most Netflix series peak in demand after two to four days of availability before dropping out.

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