New York shoppers rush to supermarkets for Thanksgiving dinners

Millions of New Yorkers will gather for Thanksgiving dinner tonight. But while some have been preparing for weeks, last-minute shoppers are still trying to get everything they need for the big meal.

The wheels are spinning in grocery carts everywhere these days as people pack their last Thanksgiving dinner ingredients down to the last detail. At a supermarket in Canarsie they are stocking potatoes and have almost cleaned up the turkey department.

The Key Food on Rockaway Parkway still has everything you need for tonight’s big meal, even the essential desserts, from pumpkin pies to apple crumbles. Some late shoppers say they’re just picking up a few forgotten items, while others tell us they’re just starting to scratch items off their list. They say that’s because work got in the way all week and last minute shopping can be even better for getting the freshest food.

If you must go shopping today, keep in mind that most stores are closed or have shorter opening hours, so call before you go.

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