NFL Week 1 scores: Raiders get an ‘A’ for their crazy OT win over the Ravens, Bengals get an ‘A-‘ for their wild OT win

There were a lot of questions swirling around the Bengals heading into their regular season opener on Sunday and they answered most of them during a tough 27-24 win in overtime against the Vikings.

After a prep period where Joe Burrow only took three shots, the big question in Cincinnati was whether he was mentally ready to play, and if Sunday’s performance is any indication, the answer is a resounding yes. Although Burrow’s numbers wouldn’t blow anyone away (20 of 27 for 261 yards and two touchdowns), he came with a clutch throw after a clutch throw.

Arguably Burrow’s biggest throw came in overtime when he called CJ Uzomah for a 32-yard gain in fourth and one from his 48-yard streak.

If the pass fell incomplete, the Vikings would have needed only 10 yards or so to reach the field goal range. Instead, a pass from Burrow established match-winning Evan McPherson’s goal from 33 yards.

The other big question the Bengals asked early in the season was whether or not they made the right decision when they drafted Ja’Marr Chase. While this isn’t a question that will be answered in just one game, the Bengals definitely looked like they made the right decision in the first week. Chase picked up everything in his path on a day when he finished five hits for 101 yards. His biggest game against the Vikings came just before the break when he hit a 50-yard grenade off the borough.

The Bengals also had some big questions regarding their pre-season defense, which was one of the worst units in the NFL last year. While he didn’t fix everything, the defense certainly looked a lot better in a game where he sacked Kirk Cousins ​​three times, a huge number for a team that scored just 17 sacks during the ENTIRE 2020 season (that number was an NFL-few) .

The Bengals’ attacking streak remains a big question mark – Burrow has been sacked five times and took some huge blows – but the Bengals proved on Sunday that they can win even if their offensive line wasn’t perfect, and that’s something that couldn’t be said last season.

With that one win, the Bengals are now tied for first place in the AFC North, something that should certainly be a confident booster for a team that has spent a lot of time in the division vault over the past five years.

Well, let’s get to the scores for each game from Week 1. If you’re looking to dive deeper into the Cowboys-Buccaneers game played on Thursday, be sure to click here.

Cincinnati 27-24 over Minnesota (overtime)

Las Vegas 33-27 over Baltimore (Mon)

San Francisco 41-33 over Detroit

Arizona 38-13 over Tennessee

Seattle 28-16 over Indianapolis

LA 20-16 Chargers Over Washington

Houston 37-21 over Jacksonville

Carolina 19-14 over New York Jets

Jets-Panthers Score By Patrick Walker (Do you love grades? Hate grades? Let him know on Twitter.)

Philadelphia 32-6 over Atlanta

Score Eagles-Falcons by Jeff Kerr (Do you love grades? Hate grades? Let him know on Twitter.)

Pittsburgh 23-16 over Buffalo

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Denver 27-13 over the New York Giants

Miami 17-16 over New England

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New Orleans 38-3 over Green Bay (in Jacksonville)

Jordan Dajani’s Packers-Saints Score (Love grades? Hate grades? Let him know on Twitter.)

Kansas City 33-29 over Cleveland

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Rams 34-14 over Chicago

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