NHL game delayed due to Thanksgiving traffic from New York City

  • The Minnesota Wild was late for a game against the New Jersey Devils due to traffic on Thanksgiving.
  • The Wild’s bus got stuck in Manhattan, forcing the game to be delayed for 24 minutes.
  • Despite their late arrival, the Wild were able to win the match in a shootout.

Vacation traffic can ruin anyone’s plans, even a professional hockey team.

Wednesday night, a game between the Minnesota Wild and New Jersey Devils had to be postponed for 24 minutes after the Wild’s team bus got stuck in traffic in New York City.

According to ESPN, the Wild didn’t arrive at the Devils’ Prudential Center until 6:26 p.m. after getting stuck in Manhattan traffic on his way to the stadium. Things only got worse with the closure of the Holland Tunnel, forcing the team to find an alternative route out of town.

Due to the late arrival of the Wild, the start of the game was pushed back from just after 7pm to 7:33pm

While many of us have been pushed into traffic over the holidays, members of the Wild have taken a somewhat zen attitude to their predicament.

“It is what it is,” teammate Nico Sturm said, according to CBS New York. “At one point on the bus, we just accepted that it was going to be that way.”

“We took a nice scenic scenic route in New York City,” Minnesota forward Marcus Foligno said of his team’s traffic accident, per ESPN.

Despite their late start and limited time to prep, stretch and warm up, the Wild got off to a hot start, leading the Devils 2-0 after the first period. New Jersey fought back in the third period to tie the game 2-2, but ended up falling in a shootout against Minnesota.

After the game, Devils head coach Lindy Ruff was not very happy with the Wild’s delay.

“My opinion is it’s a bit irresponsible on their part,” Ruff said.

The Wild’s next game isn’t until Friday when they host the Winnepeg Jets in Minnesota. Let’s hope everyone gets to the game in time.

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