Pangkostrad Dudung Answers Gatot About PKI’s TNI: Outrageous Accusation

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Commander of the Army’s Strategic Reserve CommandBangkostrad) Lieutenant general Abdul Rahman sitting He denied accusations that the former commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces, General (Ret.) Gatot Nurmantyo, that the Army (AD) was infiltrated by PKI.

Gatot is known to have conveyed this when he revealed the disappearance of statues of a number of national figures involved in the G30S/PKI incident at the Dharma Bhakti Museum, Kostrad’s residence.

“It is not true that the accusation that the diorama no longer exists indicates that the military has been infiltrated by the PKI. This is a heinous accusation against us,” Dodong told reporters on Monday (9/27).

He held that Gatot as a soldier should have been able to explain the organization first before revealing it to the wider public and became partisan.

Moreover, he stated that Gatot’s statement may raise slander and cause an uproar in Indonesia.

“In Islam it is called tabion so as not to cause a bad prejudice that leads to slander,” Doodong explained.

Dodong stated that the statues had disappeared from the headquarters because the former commander of Kostrad, Lieutenant General (retired) Azim Yusri Nasution, had asked them to return them. He could not refuse the request.

According to him, AY Nasution felt guilty for making statues according to his religious beliefs.

“So I cannot refuse said request,” the three-star general added.

Dodong refused if the withdrawal of the three statues had made Gatot conclude that the TNI had forgotten the historical events of the G30S/PKI.

“I and Lieutenant-General (Retired) AY Nation have the same commitment and we will not forget the killing of the top Indonesian army generals and First Officer Captain Pierre Tindian in that incident,” he said.

For information, in a webinar held on Sunday (9/26), Gatot stated that the disappearance of the statue of the G30S/PKI figure in Kostrad headquarters was an attempt to infiltrate communist ideology in the Indonesian army.

He explicitly stated that these indications could not be ignored because they could repeat the dark history of 65.

“I beat the hearts of patriotic knights in the army, navy and air force to work together to think of oneself for cleaning lest it enter into this understanding that would undermine the values ​​of the struggle for patriotism,” Gatot said.

Description of kostrad

Kostrad Chief Information Officer Colonel (Inf) Haryantana stated in a written statement that Azmyn paid a visit to current Pangkostrad, Lieutenant General Dudung Abdurachman on August 30, 2021 to request the demolition of the statues.

“The demolition of the statues was based on the desire and idea of ​​the National Military Team (retired) Azmin Yusri Nasution, because during his tenure in Bangkostrad (August 9, 2011 – March 13, 2012) he was the one who came up with the idea of ​​the statues,” Haryantana said.

According to him, the retired National Army asked to return the statue for the sake of internal and external peace. Therefore, Kostrad gave permission and did not stop him.

Thus, Kostrad denied that he was said to have removed the historic statue of the crushing G30S/PKI.

“It was concluded that Kostrad did not dismantle or remove the historical statues,” he said.

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