Parades of civilian rule.. Demonstrations in Sudan in support of the democratic transition

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Sudanese participated in demonstrations in the capital, Khartoum, on Thursday, to support the democratic transition process in the country, after the escalation of tension between the civilian and military component of the Sovereignty Council.

The Sudanese News Agency estimated that hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Khartoum, in large peaceful demonstrations “to support the democratic transition and to demand the strengthening of the civil state.”

The agency reported that the demonstrations covered most of the streets in the center of the capital, while traffic stopped to coincide with political activities.

The demonstrations came in response to the call of 85 entities, including resistance committees, parties and civil society organizations.

Demonstrators joined the activities, who came on trains to Khartoum, while one of the Atbara trains, from which the spark of the Sudanese revolution erupted, was sabotaged on Thursday morning, according to local reports.

A failed coup attempt took place nearly two weeks ago, coinciding with tensions in the east of the country. At that time, the head of the transitional government, Abdullah Hamdok, accused those involved in it of being loyal to the former president. Meanwhile, representatives of the Forces for Freedom and Change stated that the Sudanese army is trying to spread tensions to pave the way for a coup.

A few days ago, disputes escalated between the civilian and military component of the Sovereignty Council, the highest authority in the country, especially after the withdrawal of the military guard of the headquarters of the dismantling committee, which is concerned with recovering the financial assets of the regime of former President Omar al-Bashir.

The Sovereignty Council consists of 11 members, after it was formed according to a constitutional document signed by representatives of the Forces of Freedom and Change and the Military Forces in August 2019.

The agreement provides for a transitional period that extends to December 2023, before the elections are organized. Civilians are supposed to take over the leadership of the council during the next few period, according to the agreement.


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