Penguins send a letter to Santa to kick off the festive season at London Zoo

Penguins at the London Zoo hope they don’t come into contact with Santa’s icy side after posting their Christmas lists at the North Pole.

also eeppers lent a helping hand to mail the letter addressed to Santa Claus and signed “love, the penguins”.

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(Zoological Society of London)

ZSL London Zoo penguin keeper Jessica Jones said: “We’re pretty sure Santa will get something fishy for the penguins this year, but starting this Saturday we’re inviting visitors to become elves in training and make sure Santa the perfect pressures for all other animals.”

From Saturday to January 3, visitors can experience a festive wonderland and follow an outdoor trail to find out what the animals have requested on their Christmas list, as part of the zoo’s Magic of Christmas plans.

They can then share what they found with Mrs. Claus in the Polar Mailroom, as well as post their own letters.

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