Plan is to wait for ‘royal tide’ before the ship is towed from the beach

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The plan for the grounded ship at Sunset Beach is to wait for Mother Nature’s help before trying to tow it again of the sand and the rocks .

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Since the November 15 storm broke the ship from its moorings and threw it ashore during a 4.5 meter high tide and storm surge, tugboats have tried in vain. at high tide drag it.

While it might be possible to push it off using airbags and heavy equipment, the idea is to wait for a so-called royal tide to float it and try again with the tugs.

It is believed that a tide just five to ten centimeters higher than 4.5 meters would easily slide the ship back into the water. And federal officials are… predicts an exceptionally high water level of five meters on December 6.

A representative of the company Sentry Marine Towing Ltd. of Richmond, who is involved, said this appears to be the best chance of getting the ship off the ground. He declined to give his name and said several government agencies are working on the operation.

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Royal tides occur a few times a year when the moon and sun are both aligned to pull on Earth’s oceans.

Federal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said on Sunday that the Coast Guard is closely monitoring the vessel, “to make sure it does not pose any risk to anyone and property. … It poses no immediate risks.”

The ship, which is empty and had been carrying wood chips, has captured the imagination of social media, producing memes and parodies. A Twitter account @EnglishBayBarge has received 95 messages, it started on November 15 and attracted almost 2,900 followers. A Vancouver artist group and clothing company sells T-shirts that read “Sorry to barge in” in capital letters and a large photo of the ship.

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