Plano Fire Captain Suspended for Attempting to Obtain Counterfeit Vaccine Card – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

MAP (CBSDFW.COM) – A Plano fire captain completed his 24-hour suspension after he admitted asking a paramedic to help him get his unvaccinated wife a vaccination card.

According to Plano Fire Rescue records, Captain Richie Floyd planned to visit New York City with his wife in October. They had already booked a room, flights, and tickets to Broadway, when the city’s mayor announced that proof of vaccination would be required for any indoor dining or entertainment.

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Floyd explained in a statement that his wife had contracted COVID the previous December, recovered, and was now opting out of a vaccine, jeopardizing their plans.

But, firefighters are often paramedics too, who can, and sometimes do, administer COVID vaccines.

Plano Fire Rescue records show that Floyd approached one of the city’s firefighters / paramedics, whom he outnumbered.

In an email, Floyd confessed, “I chose to ask (him) if he could help me get a CDC vaccine card and possibly document the lot numbers on the card.”

Captain Floyd said the firefighter “did not appear hesitant or reluctant at any time.”

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However, after receiving the request, records show that he notified his own captain, who reported Floyd to department management.

When asked to explain, Captain Floyd shared his account of what happened in an email.

“If at any point after our conversation he started to feel uncomfortable, he should have contacted me and informed me. (He) has my phone number and could have easily called or texted, but he didn’t, ”Floyd wrote.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General has warned that selling blank vaccine cards is illegal and attorneys general in at least 46 states have made efforts to combat the problem of card fraud. vaccines.

Following an internal review, the Plano fire marshal suspended Floyd for 24 hours.

In a letter informing the city council of the matter, he quoted Floyd as saying: “I apologize for my lack of conscience and error in judgment on this matter, for putting a brother in a situation where I should never have put him, for acting in a hurry, for my lack of moral character, for staining the PFR officer corps and our department. I ask everyone involved to forgive me for all that I have done regarding this matter and the extra work that I have created.

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When asked for comment, Plano Fire Rescue responded: “Plano Fire Rescue administrators carried out appropriate discipline in this matter in accordance with Chapter 143 of the Texas Local Government Code. We now consider the incident closed. “


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