POFMA directive will be issued to Twitter due to Jolovan Wham’s post on Shanmugam’s statements on the rule of law

Singapore: The Minister of Home Affairs has instructed Parliament (POFMA) (Protection against falsehood and online manipulation law) QOn Saturday, the Ministry of the Interior stated, the issuance of a targeted corrective directive to Twitter, after Mr. Golovin Wam did not comply with the correction order issued to him on Friday (October 8).

Under the direction of the targeted correction, Twitter is asked to alert users who viewed Mr Wham’s tweet that it contained false allegations about Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam’s views on the rule of law.

MHA said Mr Wham’s October 6 tweet “falsely conveyed that the Home Affairs Minister espouses the view that the rule of law does not work anywhere in the real world, including in Singapore”.

The latest guidance comes after the Home Affairs Ministry said on Friday it was aware of “lies” circulating online by Mr Wam, which “distorted” what Shanmugam said in Parliament on October 4.

A correction direction to Mr. Wham was issued on Friday, asking Mr. Wham to post the correction notice on his online platform.

“The Minister has repeatedly emphasized, in Parliament, the importance of the rule of law for Singapore and the government’s strong and continuing commitment to the rule of law,” the Home Affairs Ministry said on Friday.

She added, “He said there are some countries around the world where the rule of law is a concept for lawyers, but it doesn’t work in the real world, and their societies live in absolute misery.

This has been used as the antithesis of how the rule of law is enforced in Singapore.

On October 7, the MHA issued letters to nine entities, including Mr Wham, who posted “false posts” on Facebook that “misrepresented” what Mr Shanmugam said in Parliament, the ministry said.

With the exception of Mr Wham, other entities have since apologized for what they did, corrected their posts or did both, MHA said.

Mr. Shanmujan’s comments on the rule of law in Singapore were issued towards the end of the debate on the Foreign Intervention (Countermeasures) Act (FICA) on 4 October.

After the discussion, Mothership published an article misrepresenting Mr. Shanmugam as non-compliant with the rule of law in Singapore, with the nine entities either sharing that article or making similar misrepresentations. The outlet later published a note from an editor to clarify and correct the misrepresentation.


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