Polar Seltzer Winter 2021 Flavors Now Available

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Say ‘hi’ to Prickly Pear & Citrus, Cranberry Bramble and Upside Down Plum.

Polar Seltzer Winter Collection 2021. Seltzer polar

Fall is in the air and Polar Seltzer’s limited edition winter flavors are ready to cool off. This year’s lineup includes five fun, fruity flavors to pair with your favorite seasonal treats.

As in years past, there are some fresh takes and old favorites, but the 2021 collection is “a tapestry of American flavors that were created to pair with fall foods,” according to a statement from Polar Seltzer.

The new winter flavors from Polar Seltzer: Cranberry Bramble, Prickly Pear & Citrus and Upside Down Plum. – Canva graphic made with Polar Seltzer images

Worcester-based Polar Seltzer is introducing three new flavors this fall: Prickly Pear & Citrus “bright and happy,” Cranberry Bramble “jam and sour,” and Upside Down Plum.

“Nothing confusing here,” Polar wrote in a statement. “Upside Down Plum is a straightforward snack featuring the anonymous stone fruit hero.”

Also returning are two favorites from the past: the “voluptuous” pomegranate apple and the “mighty return of the native grape” at the popular Concord Clementine.

The new flavors are available wherever Polar Seltzer is sold in stores.

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