Police say tantalizing Thai street vendor to cover up, internet crawls over her photos, Asia News

You won’t see snacks the same way — or specifically, the person selling them — unless you’re snacking with your eyes.

A street vendor in Chiang Mai, Thailand has sparked the internet’s imagination this week with her creative way of attracting customers.

Wearing nothing under her cardigan—with a pin barely holding it together—the 23-year-old was selling Thai pancakes, a popular street snack, or better known to locals as Tokyo.

And it seems that her sweet treats have brought all the men to her stall.

According to a Thai publication, many stopped and stared, and a passing motorcyclist even crashed his bicycle.

On Thursday (November 23), local police told the street vendor, whose name is Aranya Apaiso or Olive, that she was dressed too sexy. They also warned her against maintaining social distancing with her customers, Coconuts Bangkok reported.

She was instructed to wear a bra by a local official.

In a post from a Thai Facebook page, with more than 13,000 comments and 17,000 shares, you can see her at work preparing the snacks.

The young woman used to sell clothes online, but decided to start selling snacks due to the pandemic, Thai media reported.

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