Police vaccinations and Latino Caucus overshadow budget talks at city council meeting

CHICAGO – The Chicago City Council will meet Thursday to discuss the city’s budget and Mayor Lori Lightfoot is still gathering support for her proposal.

Budget politics is not the only story simmering.

The tensions between the mayor and the Latino Caucus and the concern over the police and the vaccine mandate were the most important.

First, a meeting between Lightfoot and the City Council Latino Caucus ended with an exchange of harsh words. The caucus has criticized Lightfoot for representing and hiring Latinos. They even sent him a letter complaining about the lack of diversity.

Lightfoot told members in the private call that she was offended by the letter.

The councilors responded.

The meeting was first reported by the Chicago Tribune and now confirmed by WGN.

He too Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara urges officers not to report their vaccination status on Friday.. Lightfoot threatens that any city employee who does not report their status by Friday will be placed on leave without pay.

The FOP is not budging and raises fears that officers will not show up for work tomorrow.

“The president of the FOP tells its members that more than 50% of them are not fulfilling the mandate, said Councilor Anthony Beale. “And if we have more than 50% of our workforce that is not on the streets this weekend when we already have a record number of homicides, a record number of vehicle thefts, a record number of crimes that are rampant in the city, what will happen? “

“The refusal not to be vaccinated is a way of not protecting the community that they were charged with protecting,” said councilman Roberto Maldonado.

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“I think that the people who are public servants, the people who have signed up for this kind of work, be it a police officer or a street and sanitation worker or an elected official, most of the people with whom I have met or worked are in this to work. They are here to serve the public
Councilor Maria Hadden said. “And I think the best thing for the public, the residents of our city, is that people just comply with the information.”

A lighter note to the meeting came when the council honored the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who recently turned 80.

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