“Professionals” launches the fourth phase of the skills building program

The Emirates Professional League launched, on Wednesday, the fourth phase of the educational skills building program for employees of professional clubs for the year 2021. In the forefront of administrative and functional competencies, to develop the Emirati football in an integrated manner.

The activities of the fourth phase witnessed a specialized workshop in the presence of the content editors of the website and communication sites in the clubs of the UAE Professional League, with a group of the most prominent international experts, in which the focus was on identifying the importance of the role of the staff of the website content editors and the management of social communication in football clubs, The program will be completed by holding another specialized workshop next week aimed at reviewing and explaining best practices in how to increase the number of followers, create innovative creative content and enhance interaction with the masses.

The association will also hold online mentorship sessions with globally recognized mentors, for eight weeks, for website content editors and social media management, with participation in a competitive competition between clubs through which work will be done to increase the number of followers on communication channels. Club social.

The educational skills building program for club staff continues for the fourth year in a row, after the successes it achieved over the past three years, by seeking to support club employees in their careers, and helping clubs to achieve more degrees of progress in the fields of professionalism at all levels.


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