Ralf Rangnick tactics could unleash Jadon Sancho at Manchester United – Richard Fay

It has been a bittersweet week for Jadon Sancho at Manchester United.

His long-awaited return to the boys’ club Watford last weekend ended in humiliation, a day later the manager who had fought so hard to bring him back to English football was sacked. Two days later, he put in his most convincing performance ever, scoring his first United goal in the victory over Villarreal.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Michael Carrick have both shown their faith in Sancho and the interim manager-to-be over the past seven days Ralf Rangnick is another coach who shares the same high hopes for United’s summer signing.

A year ago, Rangnick described Sancho as ‘one of the best players’ in world football and under his leadership, the England international could turn the heat up a bit and really revive his Old Trafford career.

Sancho has not been short of opportunities this season, but he has been lacking in confidence as he struggles to adapt to the Premier League. Restoring his confidence will be an important task for Rangnick in his first few weeks at the club.

As a student of German football, the veteran coach will be well aware of the differences between the Bundesliga and other European competitions, years of insight that could be key to helping Sancho adapt to his new environment.

It is the second season in a row that Sancho has had a slow start, but as his time at Dortmund showed, the pace can be picked up quite easily.

The England international scored just one goal and provided four assists in his first season in German football before blossoming in his second with a return of 12 goals and 18 assists. By the end of his stint at the club, he had 50 goals and 64 assists in just 137 appearances, an important reminder of why Solskjaer was so eager to sign him.

Part of the problem for Sancho is that because he is an Englishman he is treated as a homegrown talent, while the £72.9m addition is essentially a foreign arrival given his professional years in the Bundesliga have spent.

“Every player has slow periods,” former Dortmund manager Lucien Favre said of Sancho a year ago. “There has been a lot of talk about Jadon over the summer, something like that can also have an influence.

“But no player is constantly in top form for a year, that is not possible. You have to accept that.”

Favre was interviewed for United’s interim role earlier this week, but it is Rangnick who will be at the wheel and tasked with unlocking Sancho’s true qualities.

With an emphasis on collective effort rather than individual talents, the former Dortmund dynamo is expected to play a lot under the new manager and be a key part of his rejuvenated roster for the remainder of the season.

Jadon Sancho celebrates his first goal for Manchester United.

Having played so well as part of a strong Dortmund team defending from the front lines, it looks like Sancho will be a perfect fit for Rangnick as he looks set to make his direct mark at Old Trafford, although that’s easier said than done .

The England international will still need to gain the trust of his new manager with his approach during training sessions and prove that he deserves a starting role as part of a striker who is expected to put in constant pressure when he’s out of possession.

In glimpses we have seen the raw talent of the youngster. United hopes he will master the right-wing role in the coming years, but after an arduous bedridden process, he now needs careful guidance to recover himself. -faith.

Sancho has all the ingredients to make a great United, he just needs the right system to put them all together.


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