Residents ask Ramaphosa during his election campaign to arrest Zweli Mkhize, Oscar Mabuyani and officials of the R15m stadium

Durban – President Cyril Ramaphosa was asked on Saturday to show he is serious about rooting out corruption by prosecuting all alleged politicians and government officials.

The message came from residents of the southern Durban town of Folweni where Ramaphosa was orchestrating a door-to-door attack, securing votes for the ANC ahead of the November 1 local government elections.

While Ramaphosa was accompanied by KZN ANC Chairman Sihle Zikalala, moving around town and enjoying an all-around warm reception, he met a frank youth group who told him to act with and pursue suspects.

The direct message to imprisoning suspects came from Sanil Ngoban, a young resident who was enjoying drinks with friends at a local bar.

At first, they joked with Ramaphosa and Zykalala, asking them to buy a can of alcohol before they could vote for the ANC.

Everyone in the crowd laughed at the obvious joke.

Things changed when the seemingly confused group discussed current affairs issues with Ramaphosa and Zikalala.

Ngoban and his friends said that while they stand behind the ANC, corruption has become endemic and Ramaphosa must act urgently to turn the tide back on.

Among them, they said, they should arrest the former health minister, Dr Zweli Mkezi, officials in the local municipality of Enoch Mjijima in the Eastern Cape, and the eastern prime minister and ANC leader, Oscar Mabuyani.

People must be arrested. A sports field (Al Komani Stadium) for 15 million rand? R1.1m corruption case in the case of Mama (Winnie Madikizela Mandela) and Khabazela (Dr Zweli Mkhize), Let it be (verb verb).

“Work on these things,” Nguban said, with the full approval of his friends.

Mkhize is currently embroiled in the R150m Digital Vibes scandal where his family is allegedly profited.

Enoch Mjijima municipality officials are under pressure over the construction of a controversial 15 million rand stadium in Komane (Queenstown).

Mbweani was recently found by the Public Defender, Defender Busisiwe Mkhwebane, who made use of the R450000 of the R1.1m which was to be used by the local municipality of Mbizana in the Eastern Cape to celebrate the life of the late Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

It happened in April 2018 and Maboyan has already said he will take the report for judicial review as Mukhoybani allegedly ignored his material input.

Mkhize previously also said that he would challenge the Special Investigations Unit’s report on Digital Vibes in court because the investigation that pushed him had not been properly conducted.

Ngoban later told The Independent Media on the sidelines of the campaign that there should be no holy cows in the fight against corruption “and even big personalities like Zwele Mkhize and (Oscar) Mabuyani should be arrested”.


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