Santee residents, firefighters hold ground as flames approach – NBC 7 San Diego

Santee residents and firefighters bravely fought a Thanksgiving fire that crept within the foothills of property lines along Walker Canyon.

The fire was reported behind houses on Magnolia Avenue around 11:30 a.m. A team from OnScene.TV captured a resident, armed with a garden hose, holding his property against the flames as they slammed into his backyard.

Photos: WATCH: Santee residents, firefighters hold ground as flames approach property

As the rumble of an approaching helicopter grew louder, the man backed up and looked at the sky.

“Hit it! Come on, honey! Yes!” the man shouted as the helicopter threw water over the fire.

Moments later, a deputy for the San Diego County Sheriff entered his backyard and urged him to evacuate. A Cal Fire squad took over and began attacking the flames.

A wildfire that started around 11 a.m. Thursday in Walker Preserve has been extinguished and confined to 18 acres, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

The fire crept up a hill covered with sprawling bushes. Residents benefited from a line of defensible space – a brush-cleared area 10 to 6 meters long. Cal Fire recommends having any fire-prone shrub or wildland between your home and.

On the street, evacuating residents were seen loading their cars with supplies as firefighters dragged hoses into backyards.

“I’m evacuating my family right now,” Santee resident Carlo Kalosian told NBC 7. “I just heard the helicopter telling us to evacuate and I turned around and my whole backyard is on fire =, so we’re moving on and leave.”

The fire grew to 18 acres before it was brought down around 2:30 p.m.


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