Seattle Seahawks defense is way too complicated for new players to come in

For the past two weeks, Pete Carroll has been asked if Sidney Jones, for whom the Seattle Seahawks traded, will never see the field. This is the right question, it is a necessary question.

Starting right cornerback Tre Flowers didn’t hold up, getting nicked at least once each way.

But the media are asking the wrong guy.

While Pete Carroll is ultimately responsible for decisions about staff on the pitch, and although he’s the only coach available to the media immediately after the game, it’s not really a Pete Carroll issue.

The problem here is Ken Norton Jr.

The flowers were bad for sure, but I think he’s currently a lot worse (gulp) than he’s allowed to be, given what he sometimes does in the field.

The two cornerbacks, Flowers and DJ Reed, indicated after the game that the coach of recent times had … confused them.

It’s not great for two of the three worst defensive players in Sunday’s game (including Ugo Amadi) to redirect to the coaches.

However, coupled with the confusion of Sidney Jones, I think the cornerbacks are taking a look behind the curtain at what the fans are speculating: Ken Norton has crippled that defense.

That’s the only thing that makes sense at this particular position, given (1) two trades at the cornerback position and (2) the vague farting Carroll shared for three weeks, which would normally mean a vote of distrust of Flowers, and a sign that Jones will see the field.

That, added to the fact that we had Robert Nkemdiche for over 50 shots, and not a single second of play for Sidney Jones, means that Norton’s scheme is finished and needlessly confusing for players to learn and implement in the field. Especially in the backfield.

It’s not Carroll who refuses to play the ready athlete. It is an untenable defensive system.

What’s absolutely ridiculous about all of this is that we’ve been here before.

The defeat last season against the Bison Tickets was what came before the “reunion” that saved the season or whatever. Hear again from former Field Gulls legend Matty Brown: “What followed was a simplified diagram. Improved performance.

Norton is an incompetent jerk if he’s spent the offseason thinking that with more time he could revert to whatever nonsense he thinks this defense is supposed to sound like, as opposed to the simplified freedom that actually worked in the second half of 2020.

We know that confidence fuels performance. It applies to any skill or profession; take five seconds to think about your own work.

On the pitch, it may even be magnified as decisions are made in a fraction of a second, and non-trust versus trust is losing at an incredible rate.

Here’s why I’m bringing this up, one final point in favor of Flowers’ issue not really being his own issue but Norton’s.

Flowers is playing absolutely terrified.

For that I actually blame all the coaches involved because they allowed it. But Flowers plays so far off the ball that it sometimes becomes difficult to tell who he’s even covering sometimes. Partly because he’s bad, but partly because the coaching guidelines are even worse.

Here are some of the loss to Minnesota Vikings. The receiver is circled and Flowers has been pointed out.

Here’s DJ Reed on the cover, who’s been pretty good at times but right now playing badly, just to remember that’s a problem on every level.

And my favorite, that of the third quarter, on a devastating conversion of 2nd and 14th.

Seattle sent Kirk Cousins ​​six on this piece. Bobby Wagner and Poona Ford both reached QB.

So WHY is Flowers barely on screen?!? You know (presumably) that you are isolated at this point and that the bullet will need to come out quickly.

On average, a few times per practice, a receiver opens up 5 yards, and by the time of release – almost to the end, really – Flowers didn’t start attacking the ball. That last part is on him, but it’s also known merchandise that would be featured in Sidney Jones, which is why I think something else has kept Jones from getting onto the pitch any faster.

The Seahawks had a deflected pass the entire game, and it was Carlos Dunlap on the line of scrimmage. There will be no other defended pass because there was no corner that could touch the receiver, let alone the ball, on well over half of the opponents’ receptions.

When Flowers reported a schematic issue, I think he meant it, and I think that’s the best explanation for what we’re seeing right now.

In NFC West, it will cost them the playoffs.

They have to redo this meeting. Right now. Preferably in the end, they fire Ken Norton, but these defensive players are universally underperforming, and it’s the coach’s fault.

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