Second truck driver in two days tested positive for COVID-19 after being in South Australia

A second truck driver in two days has tested positive for COVID-19 after being in South Australia.

Truck driver in his thirties Visited Adelaide from Victoria to buy a truck with a colleague and tested positive for coronavirus today.

Husband visited two service stations while in South Australia – Liberty At Glenunga and Coles Express in Tailem Bend.

They visited the sites very early this morning.

Another truck driver who was in South Australia tested positive for COVID-19 while in Victoria on Wednesday.

A total of 56 close contacts were associated with the man, including 23 through QR code check-in.

Coles Express service station at Tailem Bend which is the location of the show.(

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There are no other members of the public, said Nicolas Spurrier, chief public health official He seems to be in close contact with the newest truck driver As per QR check-ins.

“At the moment we don’t appear to have particular concerns about ongoing exposure in our state, but we don’t usually stop with our initial investigation – we continue to gather information and if we find anything of concern we will let South Australians know.”

The second driver tested negative for COVID-19.

He had received one dose of AstraZeneca, while the other driver had not been vaccinated.

From October 7, truck drivers arriving in South Australia from Victoria, New South Wales or the ACT must have at least one dose of the vaccine.

Professor Nicolas Spurrier
Nicola Spurrier invited the people at Tailem Bend to get vaccinated.

Tailem Bend is located on National Highway One and has been repeatedly the site of exposure sites.

Professor Spurier urged everyone in the town of Murray River to get vaccinated.

“You’re in great danger considering this is a truck road,” she said.

Health Secretary Stephen Wade said the truck driver’s second case in two days showed the “real threat” of the delta-type virus.

From today, the Truck Drivers Vaccination Clinic in Tailem Bend is open to the public.

“Travelers are welcome,” Wade said.

From Wednesday, people arriving in the state from Queensland are required to take the test on Day 1, 5 and 13 in South Australia.

Four people in South Australia are being quarantined after being at an exposure site in Queensland following the latest wave of cases there.

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