Senate votes on partially watered-down text

The proposed law specifically creates a certificate issued upon the acquisition of a pet to empower owners.

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It is a very wide green light. On Thursday, September 30, the Senate approved, in first reading, a bill to strengthen the fight against animal abuse. A presidential majority text should help avoid impulsive pet purchases by creating a Certificate of Participation that mentions care obligations, anticipated costs, etc. The text should also tighten penalties in case of abuse.

If the Senate had enacted this “advanced” In the room, he returned to the programmed ban on the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores and the gradual end of the keeping of wild animals in traveling circuses and in dolphins. “This is no longer the time for half-measures or worse, pretexts”Environmental Transformation Minister Barbara Bombelli said earlier.

Last January, the bill was adopted almost unanimously by the National Assembly, in a more offensive version. Representatives and senators will now try to find a deal, or else the House will have the last word. For their part, animal protection associations are keeping up the pressure. The Sudanese Professionals Association, for example, denounced “Dangerous rear pedal, which indicates an underdeveloped posture”.

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