Several Tucson gas stations are out of gas as US tries to fight shortage | News

TUCSON (KVOA) — With Thanksgiving in a few days, many people will be hitting the road. However, before you go to the pump, many gas stations are dealing with a shortage.

At the beginning of this week, several gas stations in Sierra Vista had run out of gas. Now it looks like the outage has trickled down to Tucson.

“I think that’s extremely inconvenient for everyone because people have to go to work, people have to have gas in their cars to do that,” said Tucson resident Christina Parmeter. “To go shopping, to go to work, all that.”

“No gas sorry for the inconvenience” – that was on every sign Tuesday at every pump at the Circle K off Grant and Oracle roads.

“The gas shortage is actually pretty scary,” said Tucson resident Shane Lopez. “Honestly, the idea that we’re struggling to keep up with supply, especially considering we’re on vacation, is quite disturbing.

There have been several gas stations without petrol since Tuesday. Those gas stations include Circle K from Grant and Oracle roads, Circle K from Grant and Craycroft roads. The Circle K is located at 130 E. Speedway Blvd. was from diesel and premium.

Shortage aside, many Americans need to dig a little deeper into their wallets with the average price of gas at $3.40, according to AAA.

The White House announced Tuesday that it will tap the strategic petroleum reserve to help lower gas prices for Americans.

“I think that’s fantastic and I think we should have done that from the start,” said Lopez.

Fifty million barrels of oil will be released and this should help meet the demand for and supply of oil while lowering prices at the pump.

“It will take time, but it won’t be long before you see the price of gasoline drop where you fill your tank,” said President Joe Biden. “And in the longer term we will reduce our dependence on oil if we switch to clean energy. But right now I will do whatever it takes to lower the price you pay at the pump.”

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