Shah selected for CRT Young Leadership Recognition Award

Samit Shah MD, PhD, an assistant professor at Yale School of Medicine, has been nominated for the 2022 Cardiovascular Research Technologies (CRT) Young Leadership Recognition Program. The recipients are selected by the Scientific Committee of the CRT.

The CRT program enhances clinical and academic excellence in interventional cardiology and endovascular medicine. Participants in the Young Leadership Recognition Program will receive free registration to the CRT conference, which will be held February 26 to March 1 in Washington, DC.

Shah’s research focuses on the outcomes of cardiovascular interventions and the invasive assessment of coronary physiology. He is also the recipient of the Wendy U. and Thomas C. Naratil Pioneer Award from Women’s Health Research at Yale.

Shah studied neuroscience at the University of Illinois before opting for a career in interventional cardiology.

“In a way, I got into interventional cardiology because it’s similar to the research I did in graduate school where we tried to regenerate auditory nerves to restore hearing to deaf adults. You have a person who was healthy and then in an extreme circumstance with a heart attack, and we can open a blood vessel and give them their life back,” Shah said.

In his nomination, Carlos Mena-Hurtado, MD, an associate professor and co-director of the Vascular Outcomes Program, highlighted Shah’s recent achievements.

“He will be an incredible force in the intervention space for years to come,” Mena said.

Past participants in the CRT program include Ryan Kaple, MD, an assistant professor.

Submitted by Elisabeth Reitman on November 24, 2021

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