‘Shrilling’: China cites Mao in attack on Taiwan foreign minister | Politics News

China’s Taiwan Affairs Office launches a furious attack on Joseph Wu, condemning him as a ‘strident’ fly.

China has launched an angry tirade against Taiwan’s foreign minister, evoking the words of revolutionary leader Mao Zedong to condemn him as a “strident” fly for his efforts to promote Taiwan internationally.

Joseph Wu, Taiwan’s fluent English speaking self-employed foreign minister, is an outspoken advocate for the island amid mounting pressure from China, claiming Taiwan as its own and appearing regularly on international panels and in the media. communication.

In a lengthy condemnation published Thursday night, China’s Taiwan Affairs Office said Wu was a “staunch” supporter of Taiwan independence who peddled “lies” about the island.

He cited a poem written by Mao in 1963, The All Red River, which was a denunciation of the Soviet Union and the United States.

“All forms of comments on Taiwan independence are ‘buzzing, with an outburst of shrill and a fit of sobs,'” said Beijing’s Taiwan Affairs Office.

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry said the attack “was not worthy” of a response.

However, the Taiwan Mainland Affairs Council, which makes policy on China, was more strident, describing it as “defamation and abuse.”

“This type of verbal violence, unprecedented in the international community, only highlights the transfer of the rules of the Taiwan-related body to the other side of the Taiwan Strait and how far it is from civilized society,” the council said.

China has stepped up military and political pressure to try to force the democratically governed island to accept Chinese sovereignty.

Taiwan has said that it will defend its freedom and democracy.


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