Snow headed towards Toronto this weekend and in parts of Ontario will be up to 20cm. expected

Toronto faces some cold, wet, and wintry days as the last weekend in November approaches, but the city probably won’t see nearly as much snow as some other parts of the province.

According to meteorologists at The Weather Network, most of Southern Ontario is expected to remain quite mild throughout Thursday, with 5-15mm of rain forecast in most areas.

But thanks to a blast of Arctic air, northeastern Ontario and northwestern Quebec could already experience heavy snowfall today, and winter weather travel advice is already in effect for parts of northern Ontario.

“By late Thursday night, Southern Ontario and Quebec will see earlier in the day rain transition to mixed or sleet, along with gusty winds,” reads a blog post from TWN. “Eastern Ontario and southern Quebec will see a transition from cold rain to mixing and snow Friday morning.”

Snow will also fall in the regions southeast of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay on Friday, with southern Ontario expected to receive the most snow. TWN warns that “driving conditions can become difficult amid blowing snow and reduced visibility.”

“Systemic snow will continue in Eastern Ontario and Southern Quebec on Friday, with higher snowfall rates expected in the Eastern Townships and Gaspe,” meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg said in the post. “Tempers will drop through Friday night with the arrival of much colder air for Saturday morning.”

On Saturday, the worst-affected areas could receive more than 8 inches of snow, with Ottawa and Montreal expected to see their first major snowfall of the season, with about 5-10 inches.

Sunday will bring even more wind thanks to “a relatively weak clipper” expected to follow over the Great Lakes and Southern Ontario, although only 2-5cm of fall is expected.

“Higher totals are currently forecast southwest of the GTA, with 5-8cm possible for places like London and Chatham,” TWN said. “However, the exact storm path is still uncertain and that will have a major impact on who sees the heaviest snow.”

By the time the weekend is over, Toronto will have only a few inches of snow, although that can’t be said for the entire province.

So while some parts of Ontario and Quebec will be completely pushed into winter this weekend, Toronto will likely only get a taste—for now.


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