Star Trek’s Michael and Denise Okuda Receive ADG Lifetime Achievement Award – Deadline

Michael Okuda and Denise Okuda, accomplished stage artists best known for their contributions to the Star Trek franchise, receives a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Scenic, Title & Graphic Artists at the 26th Annual Art Directors Guild Awards.

The Okudas Prize will highlight their artistic contributions, not just to numerous Star Trek movies and TV series, as well as many other space-related dramas, also recognizing their collaboration as creative producers for new visual effects, among other achievements.

With its 26th edition, the ADG Awards returns to its traditional personal format. The ceremony honoring excellence in production design for theatrical motion pictures, television, commercials, music videos and animated films will take place on March 25, 2022 in the Wilshire Grand Ballroom of the InterContinental Hotel Downtown, with three other Lifetime Achievement awards.

“The roots of graphic design for film and TV can easily be traced back to Michael and Denise Okuda and their work on the Star Trek franchise,” says STG board chair Clint Schultz. “Through graphic design, the Okudas have added a unique visual language to sets, be it through props, signage or their graphical user interface for playback (aka Okudagrams). In addition, their Star Trek led to “real-world” graphic design capabilities and lent their artistic talents to NASA’s various space programs.

“On behalf of the Scenic, Title & Graphic Artists Council, we are proud to release Michael and Denise Okuda’s Lifetime Achievements,” added Schultz. “They continue to work and inspire us all within the profession and are the true definition of teamwork.”

Michael Okuda is the leading graphic designer for all things Star Trek and has earned screen credits on more Star Trek productions than anyone but creator Gene Roddenberry. The multiple Emmy nominee was responsible for everything from designing control panels to inventing alien written languages ​​on the many Star Trek iterations. Remarkably, his involvement in space has not been limited to fiction – he has also designed several decals and logos for NASA. His designs can also be found at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, the Planetary Society, and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Outside of the sci-fi genre, Michael Okuda has worked on critically acclaimed TV series, including: The West Wing, along with movies like tarnish and Richard Jewell. He is a member of the Television Academy, the Art Directors Guild and the Visual Effects Society, and is an associate member of the Manned Spaceflight Operations Association.

Denise Okuda served as video/computer playback supervisor and graphic artist on seven Star Trek TV series and movies. Additional credits include pilots for Threshold value, Star Patrol!, The flash and The Osiris Chronicles. She recently worked as a graphics consultant for the Netflix series space power. With her husband Michael she also wrote several editions of The Star Trek Encyclopedia, two editions of The Star Trek Chronology: The History of the Future, and Aboard the USS Enterprise. She is a member of the Art Directors Guild and currently works with Michael as a technical advisor on the Apple TV+ space drama For all mankind.

Art Director Michael Allen Glover, ADG (the alienist, solos and the coming Eleven Station) is producing this year’s ADG Awards, featuring Emmy-winning production designer Brian J. Stonestreet, of which ADG is the stage designer. Additional ADG Lifetime Achievement Award awards from the Production Designers and Art Directors Council, the Set Designers & Model Makers Council and the Illustrators & Matte Artists Council will be announced shortly.

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