Stock on SD and MicroSD cards with up to 50% off Black Friday at Amazon

Discounts between 10%-52% off SanDisk, Lexar, PNY and more

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In the past, gifting a new gadget meant carrying a pack of new batteries. Now that everything is rechargeable, we can leave the pack of AAs on the shelf; but chances are those new toys will require a memory card to be usable. Whether you’re shopping for others or for yourself, there’s no reason not to save a few bucks by picking memory cards for that new gear during Amazon’s Black Friday sale with discounts of up to 52%.

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There are several form factors and brands to choose from, but a microSD card is probably the way to go if you’re trying to fill up the storage space on a smartphone, action camera, or drone. Most larger cameras require a full size SD card, or you can opt for the tried and true USB sticks for moving files between computers.

For specialized purposes, you can buy a microSD card certified for Nintendo Switch or a double-sided USB key with both Lightning and Type-C connectors for moving files between phones. There’s even a dual-purpose Qi wireless charger with built-in storage.

Discounts range from around 10% to as much as 52% off, but don’t wait too long, as many of the items are already limited in availability. Check out Amazon’s sales page for the full list of memory cards; and for more deals, check out our Black Friday coverage.

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