Street cinema is taking off in Milan

A few friends, a projector and a store shutter – it doesn’t take much to recreate the magic of cinema, but bringing cinema to the streets for everyone to enjoy freely is a very valuable undertaking after COVID. 19 pandemic.

Lorenzo Alliata Nobili decided to bring the cinema to the people, to the streets of Milan, and let them socialize and get back together.

“After two years of closures,” explained Nobili, “I wanted to meet everyone here on the streets, without curfews or limitations. It’s a way of breaking down barriers. “

The idea is simple and the actual organization of outdoor movie nights is not difficult either. Everyone helps, bringing food, drink and technical equipment. The nearby bar provides electricity and chairs. What matters is getting together and enjoying watching a movie together.

Luca Lubrini, a student, explained: “It was a normal night, we were sitting in this bar and, I don’t remember well, we just wanted to see a movie. We were about to go home and see him, but then we didn’t feel like going home yet and Lorenzo came up with the idea of ​​bringing his projector from home and asking the owner of the bar to use his plugs ”.

Passersby stopped, drawn by the beam of light that was projected against a blind. Some of them joined.

What was just a different way to hang out with some friends soon turned into something different.

“We young people feel the need to meet in the streets, talk to each other and have a normal life, finally, a life made of real human relationships, instead of Zoom meetings and streaming movies,” said Nobili. .

The program includes some of the best Italian comedy films of the last decades of the last century, to satisfy the tastes of friends and strangers who wish to leave these difficult times behind.


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