Subscribe to these alerts now before storms and floods occur

Houston, TX (KTRK) – Plan ahead to help keep your family safe with these free tools before severe weather strikes near you.

Harris County Flood Warning System Alerts: Subscribe to real-time alerts to get texts or emails sent to you when flooding is possible or possible in your area. Sign up at one or multiple metering locations throughout Harris County.

Accuweather app alerts: Download the Accuweather app to your phone, allow push alerts and location tracking. Then any time severe weather threatens your location, Accuweather will send you a location-specific weather alert.

ABC13 Houston app: Stay up-to-date with the latest breaking news, weather and traffic with the ABC13 Houston app. To sign up for location-specific push alerts, go to the Explore section, and check the star in the city area near you. You can also star for weather and traffic to receive those specific alerts as well.

CenterPoint Power Alert ServiceSign up to receive text messages, emails, or phone calls to alert you when the power to your home goes out, and get updates on how work is progressing to restore electricity.

Center Point Energy Tracker: Find locations where outages are currently occurring, as well as the estimated number of customers affected, and the estimated time to restore power.

Flood Awareness Mapping Tool: Check any address or zip code in Harris County to see if your home is in the floodplain area or watershed designated on the map.

Total precipitation map: This tool allows you to check rainfall totals for varying lengths of time, from 15 minutes to 2 days.

bayou flood gauge: Residents can track water levels in streams and bayous around the greater Houston area, not limited to Harris County. The waterways are equipped with dozens of sensors capable of tracking water levels in near real time. The tool also contains a record of water levels during historical storms to help residents gauge how high the water really was.

Flood-prone roads around Houston: Check out this interactive map of the roads and intersections that the City of Houston’s Office of Emergency Management has recognized as a significant flooding risk.

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