Suzuki says pipelines will blow up if leaders don’t fight climate change

BC Deputy Prime Minister Mike Farnworth responds to comments from noted environmentalist David Suzuki, calling them “not helpful at all.”

At an Extinction Rebellion rally last weekend on Vancouver Island, Suzuki told CHEK News, “Pipes are going to explode if our leaders don’t pay attention to what’s going on.”

He says, “We are in deep, deep doo-doo. And that’s what they’ve been telling us, the leading experts, for over 40 years.”

Farnworth said Monday: “What I can tell you is that this administration is taking climate change seriously.”

He says the NDP government has been working with the BC Greens to develop a climate action plan and they are working hard to implement that plan.

Farnworth adds that people should not make statements that alarm or concern people — especially at a time when thousands of people have been displaced by floods and mudslides in BC.

In October, Extinction Rebellion held two weeks of what it called “mass civil disobedience” in Vancouver.

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