Let the border security force do its work

The Ministry of Interior recently issued a notice extending the jurisdiction of the Border Security Force from 15 km to a depth of 50 km along the international border in three states – Punjab, Assam and West Bengal. This led to a new round of controversy between the center and the states. The Punjab chief … Read more

Randeep Surjwala, Congress, cites Gujarat drug taking in pits after border security force move into center


Jeep Randeep Surjwala was inspired by the chronology of Amit Shah SamjhiyeNote (file) New Delhi: Congress leader Randeep Surjwala today criticized the center for its “unilateral” decision to increase the jurisdiction of the Border Security Force (BSF) in Punjab, claiming it was intended to distract from the movement of heroin through the Adani-operated port of … Read more