Corona virus in Italy and the world: news and COVID-19 situation bulletin for today, October 14. directly

Covid in Italia e nel mondo, le notizie di oggi 9 ottobre. LIVE

Green pass: Federfarma, a tried stock but I don’t think about prosperity – “So far, 10 thousand pharmacies out of 19 thousand have joined the testing campaign, but these days we are seeing a huge increase in subscriptions, so we think we can increase the firepower, which is already on average today 200 thousand tests … Read more

COVID superinfection: How long do vaccinated people become contagious?

he was there piece of ground Confusion about the recent spread of COVID-19 infection – what does a positive test mean after a full vaccination, what are the risks of ‘long-term COVID’ and how vaccinated people can spread the coronavirus. The truth is that scientists are still learning about post-vaccination infections and are still searching … Read more

Coronavirus in Italy and the world: news and COVID-19 situation bulletin for today, September 24. directly

Abruzzo vaccine 77.5% without it 215 thousand 77.5 of Abruzzis over the age of 12, i.e. more than 920,000 people, have completed the course of vaccination against Covid-19. At current rates, according to forecasts, coverage of 80% will be reached in the first half of October. This percentage has already been reached given a single … Read more

6,157 new infections and 56 deaths. Is the infection starting to decline?

Corona virus, today’s bulletin, Saturday, September 4, 2021, records 6,157 new cases and 56 deaths. More than 330,000 smears, both antigenic and molecular, were analyzed. So the positivity rate stands at 1.85%. And 56 deaths due to Covid were recorded, and yesterday 6,735 new cases were confirmed in less than 300,000 examinations. The negative news … Read more

Corona virus in Cordoba: 1041 infections and 24 deaths – News

The Department of Health of Córdoba Province reported that on Tuesday 1,041 new cases of coronavirus were reported, of which 407 correspond to the capital of Córdoba and 634 were in the interior, with the following distribution by departments: Kalamuchita: tank 3 cross 1; La Compriseta 1; condor 2 los retros 1 ; Santa Rosa … Read more

Covid: 1,739 infected in Sicily, 12 dead – Sicily

All deaths go back to previous days and were reported today (ANSA) – Palermo, Aug 21 – There are 1,739 cases, still on the rise compared to yesterday, new cases of Covid19 recorded in the past 24 hours in Sicily, compared to 20,812 swabs that were treated. The infection rate decreased slightly to 8.4% (yesterday … Read more

Covid-19 in Cordoba: 907 infections and 12 deaths – News

The Ministry of Health of the Province of Córdoba reported that this Saturday, 907 new cases of COVID-19 were reported, of which 380 were related to the capital Cordoba and 527 were in the interior, with the following distribution by departments: Kalamuchita: tank 7 Los Reerts 2; Santa Rosa de Calamuchita 11; Villa del Deck … Read more

Vaccines: 177 health workers in the field of vaccinations have not been suspended in Pordenone – Friuli VG

After investigations by the Prevention Department There are 177 Pordenone County resident health workers who did not meet the vaccination and who are now suspended. Among them are 46 nurses. Local newspapers are talking about it. The Health Authority of Western Friuli (Asfo) has published the Vaccination Compliance Verification Instrument – prepared by the Department … Read more

COVID-19 cases by region (Table)

Corona virus, the new Corona Virus Bulletin for the Ministry of Health today, Sunday, July 11, 2021, recorded 1391 new cases and only 7 deaths out of 143,332 swabs. Yesterday, the injuries were 1,400, and 12 died, but more than 200,000 tests were conducted. The situation in hospitals is positive. There are 1,134 patients in … Read more