Feds want to criminalize threats to health workers

OTTAWA – The federal government on Friday introduced a bipartisan bill to introduce 10 days of paid sick leave for federal employees and to impose new criminal penalties for threatening health workers. The new legislation, Bill C-3, if passed, would amend Canada’s Criminal Code to include new offenses in cases where people intimidate health professionals, … Read more

Interim Green Leader on discrimination within party

The newly appointed interim leader of the Green Party says he has experienced discrimination from within the party. Speaking to Evan Solomon on Power Play Thursday, Kuttner said, “I’ve experienced racism right away. I’ve experienced a lot of transphobia.” Kuttner, an astrophysicist specializing in black holes, makes history as the first transgender, non-binary person to … Read more

Boeing said bid to sell fighter jets to Canada did not meet Ottawa’s demands

OTTAWA — The federal government has informed Boeing that its bid to replace Canada’s aging CF-18s with a new fleet of Super Hornet fighter jets from the US company has failed. Three industry and government sources say the message was delivered on Wednesday when the other two companies competing for the $19 billion contract — … Read more

In the post-election review, PBO told to look at off-campaign cost platforms

OTTAWA — The parliamentary budget office says parties’ demand to cost their campaign promises has fallen by far this year, but isn’t saying it should review boards between the general elections. Since 2019, political parties can ask the budget department to revise the costing of their campaign promises 120 days before a fixed election date. … Read more

Politics at full power days in new parliament

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced a barrage of questions from his opposition counterparts on pressing issues of the ongoing flood disaster in BC, Indigenous reconciliation, inflation and climate change for the first question period in five months. In a series of, sometimes spirited, partisan exchanges, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole, Bloc Québécois leader Yves-Francois … Read more

Astrophysicist Amita Kuttner elected as interim leader of Canada’s Green Party

OTTAWA — The Greens have elected a non-binary astrophysicist as their party’s interim leader. Amita Kuttner, a black hole expert, was appointed on Wednesday by the Federal Council of the Greens to lead the party until a new leader is elected next year. Kuttner, 30, will be the youngest person and the first transgender and … Read more

Trudeau and O’Toole to take on the first QP since the election

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative leader Erin O’Toole exchanged barbs over what the two top political leaders are prioritizing ahead of the new parliament’s first round of questions. Speaking to his caucus Wednesday morning, O’Toole addressed the prime minister directly, accusing him of neglecting the rising cost of living and omitting key … Read more

Coronavirus: Conservatives say virtual Commons procedures allow government to evade scrutiny

OTTAWA — Conservative MPs will today oppose a government proposal to return to a hybrid format in the House of Commons, allowing MPs to virtually participate in proceedings amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Conservative deputy leader Candice Bergen says her party fears hybrid sittings “let go of the government” and gives ministers an excuse not to … Read more

Conservatives challenge home vaccination mandate

OTTAWA — Conservatives have pushed forward their promised challenge to the ruling imposed by the House of Commons vaccine mandate. Chief opposition whip Blake Richards raised the issue of privilege on Tuesday, in one of a series of Conservative concerns voiced in their view that their rights as MPs to do their jobs are being … Read more