Vitriolic France looks set to destroy precious Franco-British relationship

As someone who has spent most of his adult life studying and writing about France, who has a part-French family, who speaks French and could reasonably be described as a Francophile, I admit I have a hard time understanding the flow of bile which is aimed at Britain which now emerges almost daily from the … Read more

why we left our perfect London life for a French dream

We called the broker. We WhatsApp. We have emailed. We kicked ourselves on our heels. We worked overtime to sell our house. We have painted, tidied and cleaned. Shiny young couples trudged up our stairs and through our closets. We found and lost a lot of buyers, and quickly found another pair. It felt like … Read more

French PM blames UK for canal chaos

The French prime minister has blamed Britain for Channel’s migrant crisis, saying “only you can solve it”, while rejecting Boris Johnson’s proposal for joint patrols. Jean Castex said Britain needed to deport more rejected asylum seekers, open safer legal routes and crack down on the black market if it wanted to reduce the record number … Read more

European stocks close higher to recover from ommicron fears

LONDON – European stocks closed higher on Wednesday, closing the last trading day of a whirlwind week influenced by fears over the new omicron Covid variant. The pan-European Stoxx 600 closed 1.8% for the time being, with autos and travel & leisure stocks rising more than 3% to lead gains as all sectors and major … Read more

Britain throws gauntlet at EU over Big Tech crackdown – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article When it comes to incorporating Big Tech, Brexit Britain shows Brussels. The EU has long established itself as the world’s strictest digital police officer, setting the global standard for everything from privacy to online content moderation and handing out hefty fines to tech platforms that flout the rules … Read more

Emmanuel Macron calls Boris Johnson a ‘clown’ in charge of a ‘circus’, French media report

Emmanuel Macron dismissed Boris Johnson as a “clown” who privately admitted he needed to target “public opinion” by creating fake wars against the French to mask the supposedly negative effects of Brexit, according to French reports. The satirical and investigative weekly Le Canard Enchaîné cites Macron as making the disparaging remarks during a trip to … Read more

Joe Avati: Comedian Lists Grand Carlton North Path

An underground speakeasy bar under a hatch, Roman steam shower and walk-in closet with space for 300 pairs of shoes, Joe Avati has brought his worldwide travels to this stylish address. Comedian Joe Avati sells his renovated Carlton North home, inspired by his travels abroad. The four-bedroom Victorian building features a Tuscan courtyard, elements of … Read more

European equities will fall sharply at opening amid fears of ommicron

LONDON – European markets are expected to open sharply lower on Tuesday, with futures reversing themselves on new fears surrounding the omicron Covid variant and vaccines. According to data from IG, the UK’s FTSE index opens 83 points lower at 7,019, Germany’s DAX 238 points lower at 14,997, and France’s CAC 40 114 points lower … Read more

Australia urged to lease US nuclear submarines to bridge capacity gap

A former US naval intelligence officer says leasing US Los Angeles Class nuclear submarines should be considered to quickly retrain Australia’s naval workforce and face a growing threat from China. Most important points: The federal government is conducting a consultation period of 18 months after the announcement of AUKUS Questions remain about how many of … Read more