Vermont is a vaccine star. Why business is increasing there and what it means for investors.

Call it Vermont’s problem: why is the daily number of Covid-19 cases in New England states doubling with vaccination rates over 70%, and what does it say about the coming winter? Of all the states, Vermont has weathered the pandemic the most successfully to date, with the lowest death rate and the highest rates of … Read more

Medtronic Inventory Drops After Miss Sale and Cut Outlook

Font size Medtronic makes medical devices. David Maung/Bloomberg Medical Device Company Medtronic reported revenue below Wall Street expectations and lowered its revenue growth outlook on Tuesday. Shares in Medtronic (ticker:MDT) fell 2% on Tuesday after the company announced earnings for the quarter ended Oct. 29, which it reports as the second quarter of fiscal 2022. … Read more

How AI interfaces can help therapists deliver better behavioral health care

The pandemic’s toll on behavioral health, along with recent statements from multiple high-profile athletes and celebrities, has catapulted mental and emotional wellbeing into mainstream consciousness. It will be time. Spending on behavioral and mental health has skyrocketed as people seek help to cope with illness, unemployment and social isolation, all in an increasingly fast-paced, busy … Read more

Lessons from 2020: Extending virtual care beyond traditional telemedicine

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is shaping the future of healthcare in nearly every domain, from healthcare reimbursement to in-person visit volume to triage services. However, the pandemic has probably had the greatest effect on the adoption of telemedicine, both by patients and healthcare providers. As patients are less likely to meet healthcare providers … Read more

A Taste of MedCity INVEST 2022: A Return to Personal Conferencing

MedCity News marks a return to personal conferences with INVEST 2022 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Chicago, scheduled for: March 28-30. The conference, held in conjunction with Mid-America Healthcare Investors Network (MHIN), unites active investors with promising startups in biopharma, diagnostics, medical devices, health IT and health services. It also brings together healthcare executives … Read more