Hulu’s teen comedy ends with a climax

Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine in pin15 season 2 part 2Photo: Jessica Brooks/Hulu pin15 is the best stress test. With uneasy precision, the show depicts the coming of age of his two seventh-graders, best friends Maya Ishii-Peters (Maya Erskine) and Anna Kone (Anna Konkle). It relishes the gritty moments that shape their impressionable personalities and … Read more

Kevin Hart, the ugly side of obsessive fandom

Theo Rossi as Gene, Wesley Snipes as Carlton and Kevin Hart as Kid in Netflix’s True Story.Image: Netflix In Netflix’s new limited series True story-created by Narcos: Mexico Executive Producer Eric Newman – Kevin Hart plays Kid, a barely fictionalized version of himself at the top of his comedic game promoting a new superhero movie … Read more

Apple signs multi-year deal with Alfono Cuarón

Alfonso CuaronPhoto: Rocco Spaziani / Spaziani Archive / Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images Apple TV+ hopes Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón can bring some of that Rome magic for them streamer by having him make a TV show. The the world’s second most valuable company just signed a multi-year deal with the Gravity director and … Read more

Colton Underwood’s dad would have preferred Colton to be off camera

Colton Underwood’s dad would have preferred Colton to come off camera | Skip to article Top navigation Close this dialog Discover Close this dialog Share and more Close this dialog View image Colton Underwood’s dad says he would have ‘preferred’ his son to come to the family off-camera this link is to an … Read more

The premiere of We Baby Bears enters the new year, opening theme

Polar bear, Panda and Grizz shoot off.poison: Cartoon Network While We Bare Bears‘ ursine brothers have had their share of adventures as adults living in the Bay Area, We baby bears—Cartoon Network’s upcoming prequel spin-off series created by Manny Hernandez—is set to explore how the trio’s lives were far more magical and anime-inspired when they … Read more

Every TV Show, Movie, and Original Coming to Netflix This Week (November 29)

Netflix is ​​saying goodbye to November in a big way and hello to December. As November officially comes to an end and December begins, the streaming giant is celebrating with a sleigh full of new additions to its streaming library, treating subscribers to a total of 61 new titles this week alone. Of the incoming … Read more

HBO follows Netflix to free phone games

Photo: Vivien Killilea / Stringer (Getty Images) Continuing the bizarre tradition of streaming platforms now do free mobile gaming recently developed by Netflix, HBO announced on Monday it’s partnering of Glow Up Games, a company founded by women of color, to produce a free mobile offering based on the original hit series Insecure. In a … Read more

Colton Underwood tried to suppress homosexuality with drugs

Colton Underwood admits he struggled so much with being gay that he abused Xanax as a coping mechanism. “I repressed my sexuality so hard that I took daily medication to deal with depression and anxiety, and that made me a paranoid freak,” says the former “Bachelor,” 29, in his new Netflix documentary series, “Coming Out … Read more

Netflix just announced a spin-off series for one of its most popular originals

The money robbery, in other words money robbery, has been one of Netflix’s biggest worldwide hits for several years now. The Spanish series about an elaborate bank robbery is coming to a close this week, with the last five episodes set to hit Netflix on December 3, but the story won’t quite end there. It … Read more

The Power of the Dog on Netflix

Benedict Cumberbatch in The power of the dogPhoto: Kirsty Griffin/Netflix This is what is happening in the television world on Wednesday 1 December. All tenses are Eastern. Best choice The power of the dog (Netflix, 3:01 am): “Western beings have been deconstructing toxic masculinity for centuries. Thomas Savage’s novel on which The power of the … Read more