A man leaves an obscene note to a driver who parked his car correctly at Tampines Mall

A driver was shocked to find an obscene note left in his car, attacking him while he was standing. stomper life He said he was baffled by the vitriol because he parked his car correctly. The accident occurred in the basement parking lot at Tampines Mall on the afternoon of Tuesday (October 12), around 12 … Read more

Gabby Petito update: New body cam video of Petito during a traffic stop accident; The FBI takes items from Brian Laundry’s home

NEW YORK – There’s new body camera video from a second officer responding to the 911 call of a home dispute between Gabi Pettito and Brian Laundry as they return in August. “Is there something on your cheek here, that looks like – have you been hit – have you been hit in the face?” … Read more

For Rachida Dati, Anne Hidalgo “wants to make people forget that she is the disastrous mayor of Paris”

The mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris believed that the “French” would not “want France to turn to Paris under Anne Hidalgo”. It’s an official attack. In France 2, Monday, September 13, Rachida Dati strongly attacked Anne Hidalgo, the presidential candidate. The mayor of the seventh arrondissement of the capital and opposition to the … Read more

School: A night demonstration for students in front of the Ministry – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 13 – Tonight the Students’ Union organized a vigil in front of the Ministry of Education, to get rid of the rubble on the stairs in front of it to symbolize – and they report in a note – the “school audience”, calling for a general mobilization on November 19. “After … Read more

The sudden nomination of Dennis Bayer, a successful businessman

INFO LE FIGARO – The businessman, well known in economic circles, had already got a taste of politics when he launched the We Citoyens movement ten years ago. He didn’t take his Republican ticket until Friday…but he’s already running for the right-wing primaries. Denis Baer, ​​known in business circles, a successful businessman and supporter of … Read more

The right is looking for a way to the presidential elections

After a back-to-school weekend, LR kicked off an Ifop survey on Monday in which the profiles of the top five announced candidates will be evaluated. Starting! The various meetings organized by the right this weekend highlighted the ambitions of some of the candidates and recalled the challenges of the presidential election. On Monday, the Republican … Read more

Live broadcast – Presidential: ‘There to win’, Pecres aligns with Macron and Le Pen – Liberation

Welcome to the rebellious village. Jean-Luc Melenchon’s summer university party, held on the edge of an artificial lake near Valence (Drom), looks like a festival. Everywhere, umbrellas where we talk about gender equality and wages or managing Covid and healthy democracy. At noon, the chairs placed in the front are a bit empty. Activists walk … Read more

The political return of Edouard Philip

The story – For the first time since the start of a five-year term, the former prime minister assumes he wants to structure his support. Geopolitical essay, meeting with friends and laying the foundations of a shop. Edward Philip’s back-to-school agenda reflects his determination to influence public debate, eight months before the presidential election. On … Read more

Anne Hidalgo is a little more committed to socialists

Anne Hidalgo le 24 août dernier à Paris.

The mayor of Paris spoke Friday evening at the end of the first day of the Socialists’ Summer School. in Blois On Friday evening in front of the Blois Castle, at the end of the first day of the summer school for the socialists, Anne Hidalgo spoke of what is very similar to announcing her … Read more