Train drivers will be ‘left with angry customers’ who won’t wear masks

t rain workers will be left to angry passengers who don’t want to wear face masks after being made mandatory on public transport again, a union said. Mick Lynch, the general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT), says more resources should be made available to control the use of face coverings after … Read more

Politician Says Female ‘Dr. Who turns guys into criminals?

Are ‘defamatory’ boys deprived of role models? That’s the question a leading British politician posed to a room full of his colleagues in Westminster Hall during a recent debate to mark International Men’s Day on November 25, in which a concerned Conservative MP Nick Fletcher blamed ” female substitutes” in fictional roles that were historically … Read more

MEPs reject COVID-19 rules, cross chamber floor after speaker’s new falsification of vote

Chaotic scenes have unfolded in parliament as politicians rejected COVID-19 rules and crossed the room after the new Speaker of the House made a humiliating mistake. The disorderly incident caused confusion among MPs and opposition leader Anthony Albanese, sitting in the prime minister’s chair, received applause from his Labor colleagues. It came after Liberal MP … Read more

South Australian Deputy Prime Minister’s vote is held, with MPs Dan van Holst Pellekaan and David Speirs in the running

It has been a significant month in politics, with Vickie Chapman stepping down as deputy prime minister and stepping down from her ministerial role amid claims of conflict of interest in a planning decision. South Australia will have a new Deputy Prime Minister by the end of the day, with two key contenders vying for … Read more

Scott Morrison’s tough week ends a tough year with internal divisions, derailed legislation and more questions

It’s no secret that this Prime Minister, like many before him, considers attending a parliamentary meeting a visit to the dentist – something that must be endured. However, these last two weeks of what was his most difficult year in office are proving to be particularly painful for Scott Morrison. The final weeks of parliament … Read more

Christmas tree in Westminster is one in 150 million

AN Christmas tree picked to stand at the foot of Big Ben is one in 150 million, Forestry England says. The 42ft Sitka spruce, selected from the 60,000 acre Kielder forest in Northumberland, has been sent to central London to be lined up outside parliament over the weekend. Kielder is England’s largest forest and one … Read more

Conservatives call on all MPs to vote on House of Commons COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Conservatives say all 338 MPs should be able to vote on whether to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter the House of Commons. Tory whip Blake Richards asked the Speaker of the House of Commons Anthony Rota on Tuesday to rule that the nine-member, multi-party body that rules the House does not have the … Read more

Throne Speech a ‘Vision Statement’ of Major Priorities Needing Results ASAP, Government Official Says

OTTAWA—Justin Trudeau’s third term begins in reactive mode. Now it’s devastating floods in BC that will cost hundreds of millions to abate and threaten to further weaken supply chains already disrupted by COVID, and protests against gas pipelines reminiscent of the winter of 2020 when train blockages disrupted passenger and rail transport. paralyzed in eastern … Read more

Erin O’Toole’s Tories Make Justin Trudeau’s Life Easy

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole promised last week that all of his MPs would be in the House of Commons and follow rules dictating MPs must be fully vaccinated unless they have medical exemptions.Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press At a press conference on Monday, as parliament resumed, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh lamented that at a time of … Read more

Andrew Wallace becomes new speaker and takes on ‘difficult task’ of replacing respected MP Tony Smith

Liberal backbencher Andrew Wallace has become the new Speaker of the House of Representatives after the resignation of respected speaker Tony Smith. Most important points: Andrew Wallace has been chosen to speak for the United States House of Representatives Mr Wallace replaces Tony Smith, widely regarded as one of the best speakers since the federation … Read more