The Sopranos Star Admits They “Felt Bad” About Their Character’s Ending

It’s been almost 15 years the sopranos ended, but looking back, series star Lorraine Bracco says she was upset about how her character, Dr. Jennifer Melfi, left the series in the penultimate episode. In an appearance on the Talking sopranos (through Deadline) podcast spoke to Bracco about her departure from the HBO series, saying she … Read more

Lorraine Bracco Was ‘Upset’ Over ‘Sopranos’ Character’s Departure

The role of Lorraine Bracco in ‘The Sopranos’, psychiatrist Dr. Jennifer Melfi, is essential to the Mafia TV series legacy. However, the Brooklyn native, 67, wasn’t too thrilled with her character’s “abrupt” departure from the series finale, “The Blue Comet,” before the show’s finale. dr. Melfi’s final moment is at a dinner party where an … Read more

Creepy Call To James Gandolfini Made Classic ‘Sopranos’ Line

bada ring! One of the most iconic “The Sopranos” lines – “‘A don never wears shorts” – reportedly came from a ghostly, mysterious phone call made anonymously to series star James Gandolfini, an exchange that noticeably “disrupted” the late New Jersey. actor. Michael Imperioli describes the terrifying moment in his new book, “Woke Up This … Read more

The Many Saints Of Newark Failed Where Breaking Bad Succeeded

When the sopranos black cut during the final of the show in 2006, creator David Chase robbed the audience of the closure the episode was working towards. The Man In The Members Only Jacket (Paolo Colandrea) enters the restaurant, Meadow Soprano (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) struggles to park her Lexus parallel, “Don’t Stop Believin’” blares as Tony … Read more