The Biden Administration Again Attempts to End the Trump Era “Stay in Mexico” – The Published Reporter®

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sent out a statement Wednesday saying it will issue a warrant to formally end immigrant protection protocols once the injunction imposed by a Texas federal judge is lifted. File photo: F Armstrong Photography,, licensed.

WASHINGTON, DC – The Biden administration is once again trying to put an end to former President Donald Trump’s so-called “stay in Mexico” policy that held that authorized asylum seekers encountered at the southern border would be asked to wait for their eligibility hearing in Mexico, rather than be granted admission. immediate to the United States

In August, the Biden administration attempted to halt the program – also known as the Immigrant Protection Protocols (MPP) – but it was initially overturned by a Texas federal judge, who was then supported by a ruling from the Supreme Court, which said the policy should It remains in effect until this is done Legally abolished.

However, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sent a statement on Wednesday, saying it would issue a warrant to formally terminate the MPP once the injunction imposed by a Texas federal judge is lifted.

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The DHS statement said, “A new MPP Termination Warrant will not become effective until the existing injunction is lifted by court order. In issuing a new MPP Termination Warrant, the Department intends to address concerns raised by the courts in relation to the previous memorandum. In the meantime, while the order remains The court is in effect, the Ministry is working in good faith to restart the MPP in compliance with the order, and will continue to do so.”

President Joe Biden, among his first actions when he took office, was to roll back and repeal several immigration policies – among them the MPP – of his predecessor, Donald Trump, that were credited with successfully curbing the flow of illegal immigrants into the country. Unfortunately, Biden’s actions led to a severe humanitarian crisis as there has been an unprecedented wave of immigrants attempting to illegally reach the United States through the country’s southern border ever since.

Issues at the border continue to this day. Earlier in September, 14,000 Haitian immigrants managed to reach the United States in Texas and holed up under a bridge in Del Rio for more than a week while they waited for processing by Border Patrol agents.

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