The confrontations that were skipped and suspicious. Sparks in the alliance

Photo opportunity should not be done. To launch Luca Bernardo’s candidacy for the center-right mayor of Milan, on July 16, Giorgia Meloni’s chair was left empty. The Fdi leader had given up after splitting with Lega on the Rai board. Yesterday at the closing press conference at a hotel in the southeastern suburbs, Meloni and Matteo Salvini did not meet for exactly ten minutes. The League’s secretary should have traveled to Rome but was canceled and retired to the 11.26 train. Wait until the end of the group photo, at 11.15 he had to say goodbye to Bernardo, Forza Italia national coordinator Antonio Tajani and Noi con Italia president Maurizio Lupi so that “you don’t miss the train”. Meloni entered the hall at 11.25 a.m. Alitalia’s 9 a.m. flight from Rome to Linate had already moved from 9 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and accumulated additional delays. No ambiguity, no conflict this time, the big names included, “Someone doing a surreal reconstruction about my being late – Meloni confirms -, I invite you to go and see what time my flight from Rome was supposed to arrive. No mystery, if we don’t want to organize an event together vulgarly for what we did.” Later they signed a joint memorandum: “No controversy, no tensions, unpredictable trivial events with timetables of trains and planes. For those looking for divisions and squabbles, we invite you to look to the left. We shall indeed be together tomorrow (Today, editor) In Rome”. Enrico Michetti’s campaign closing time in the capital is 10 am in Largo Nicolò Cannella. Perhaps they will pay more attention to the crowded electoral agendas. They do not even comment on the interview with the press, which Silvio Berlusconi denied and confirmed by director Massimo Giannini, in which he was answering The President of the Italian Republic, on the premise of Meloni or Prime Minister Salvini, “Let’s not be joking.” “I trust Berlusconi who has denied it” closes the Northern League player “I woke up yesterday with two nicknames attributed to me from a sentence I never said” Meloni goes along.

“They are my second family,” Bernardo jokes, along with the big names. “He would be less famous and less showy than Pepe Sala but he is an almighty person, we need a mayor who takes care of the suburbs, Salvini didn’t even see on a postcard – Salvini Laundromat -. And we present ourselves united in Milan as in Turin, Rome and Bologna, and others who do not go in a particular order and make under-the-table agreements with the Five Stars to agree on the ballot in exchange for seats. The result on Monday will be beautiful and amazing, we will go to the second round and Bernardo and Michetti will get one vote more than their rivals.” Tajani re-emphasizes that “everyone is worried about the alleged disagreements in the center-right, but in the big cities it should split and quarrel on the left. Bernardo will not increase municipal taxes and will take care of Milan that produces ». He is “sure we will go to the ballot, then the match begins Again, we always fight to win, never to participate.” To Meloni “smiles” the separate ballot appeal that began a few days ago to centrist voters from Sala: “It is a strange and insecure idea of ​​the left. Sala is completely detached from the problems of the people of Milan.” The Milan match «open, the campaign of defamation and ambiguity by our opponents, accompanied by the usual media circus, was aggressive from the start. Everything has been said about Bernardo. We need a mayor who knows how to listen and care for citizens, and not an influencer to rival Fedez and Ferragni.” For Lobby, “Cities can also signal a sign of change in the country.”

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