The details of the first scene after the end credits of Hawkeye may have just been leaked

From the jaw-dropping opening scene in Episode 1 to that impressive cameo in Episode 2, hawk eye is already an excellent treat for the fans eagerly awaiting this Avenger’s standalone story. With two hawk eye Episodes already available to stream on Disney Plus, we’ve already finished watching a third of the story. The action is starting soon and we will find out soon hawkeye’s main villain. It could all happen in the first scene after the end credits of the series, which is coming out soon. Before we can explain it, you need to know those big spoilers follow below.

The first hawk eye scene after credits

As has been the case with previous MCU TV shows on Disney Plus, the first few episodes of hawk eye do not contain any post-credits scenes. Fans probably expect that, but they’ll nonetheless fast-forward through the credits, hoping for an extra gem at the end of each episode.

Episode 2 ends with a huge reveal that we’ll cover later in this post. It’s the cameo I teased above. We see Echo (Alaqua Cox) getting ready to interrogate Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). She doesn’t say/sign anything to the “bro” calling her, but she’s part of the “bad guys” in hawk eye.

Yes, it’s the same Echo that will shine in the standalone Echo series that Marvel has already confirmed for Disney Plus. Marvel fans already know what that means for the MCU.

The first post-credits scene may take place after episode 4, which has become commonplace in MCU TV shows. We could always get a credits scene in Episode 3 next week. But the usual Marvel rumor sources already teased it in Episode 4. The post-credits scene in Episode 4 features a big cameo, per BingeWatchThis:

the most important hawk eye villain reveal

Separately, rumors say that the main hawk eye villain will not be the Tracksuit Mafia or Echo. Instead, it’s a character Marvel fans may have already expected, especially given the Echo’s reveal. That’s Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio), the antagonist you loved to hate in Netflix’s daredevil.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard D’Onofrio is back in his iconic villain role. And it’s not the first time we’ve heard that his MCU debut will be here hawk eye. Or that this Kingpin version will be much more like the one from the comics:

With that in mind, it makes sense to assume that Kingpin may well be the “BIG” reveal in the episode 4 end credits scenes. That said, there’s no connection between these two. hawk eye rumors.

Kingpin’s cameo aside, we’re already expecting another massive MCU appearance on the TV show. That’s Yelena Belova from Florence Pugh. Seen how things ended Black Widow, we can’t wait to see Yelena and Clint interact.

More interestingly, other rumors said that: hawk eye and No way home could share a common scene. That’s why the TV show fell for the next Spider Man movie. With that in mind, episode 4 will reach Disney Plus on December 8, about a week before the No way home premiere.

The big hawk eye final

Episode 4 post-credits and MCU Kingpin reveal aside, there’s one more thing you need to know hawk eye. And contrary to those claims, it’s not a rumor.

In a recent interview, Hawkeye director and producer Rhys Thomas teased that the finale will bring “something big.”

He did not explain what that important development might be. But he teased that Hawkeye’s problems continue to grow with each episode. He cannot solve the bishop’s situation in a few days and be home with his family for Christmas. It continues to snowball to the point where we will discover that great development that Thomas alluded to.

Thomas also said that despite the greater effort, hawk eye is also a standalone story that explores the life of this particular Avenger in the wake of Endgame.

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