The Goofy Flash Site That Defined An Internet Age

Sep 24, 2021

Travel back to the early days of web 2.0, before the information highway contained rest stops like YouTube or Twitch, and you’ll find the golden age of the “destination website.” In the early 2000s, you’ll find the cheerful and armless Homestar Runner and a motley crew of animated friends responsible for viral sensations like Trogdor the Burninator, Teen Girl Squad and Strong Bad answering his email. Created by Mike and Matt Chapman, aka The Brothers Chaps, was more than just watching hookups in the wild west of the internet. It’s a great example of creators making something from scratch, including platform. This is the story of Homestar Runner, the age of the landing website and the predictable pattern that makes time so special. Written by Clint Gage and Michael Swaim, edited by Michael Huynh. To learn more about our 25th anniversary, subscribe to IGN wherever you want! How Batman and Bond Perfected the ‘Gritty Reboot’ – How Gargoyles Redefined Cartoon Villainy –

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