The job he hates could make us live well

DEAR HARRIETTE: My fiance hates working for the Navy, but having him stay enlisted is the fastest way to stabilize us financially. We will get so many benefits just by being married.

Harriette cole

He told me if he stays, he will do it for us. I don’t want you to feel miserable at your job, but I’ll live pretty well if you stay.

Should I encourage him to leave after his contract ends, or would he be wiser if he stayed?

Marrying a Navy Technician

DEAR MARINE TECHNICIAN TO MARRY: I recommend encouraging your fiancé to develop his skills while in the Navy to master his field. In this way, when you look for work in the civilian world, you will be prepared for the highest level of work and pay possible.

You should research specific careers and their salaries. You can help by researching jobs in the city where the two of you would like to live.


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