The latest news from the Ministry of Education regarding the announcement of the graduation of the first phase of the teacher training program and their confirmations

Latest news about PPPK teacher graduation. Image caption:, Jakarta – Kemendikbudristek once again appeals to honorary teachers taking the PPPK 2021 exam to be patient and calm. Don’t get caught up in the deceptive information that is increasingly circulating on social media.

Acting Head of the Bureau of Cooperation and Public Relations (BKHM) Kemendikbudristek Anang Ristanto called on Friday (1/10) “We call on all honorary teachers to remain calm while awaiting the next announcement.”

He also asked the honorary teachers not to be influenced by news or information that is not clear and cannot be explained.

With that in mind at this time, he continued, Banselnas was discussing the graduation account and confirmations.

The announcement of the results of the first phase of the PPPK Teacher Competency Selection will be delivered by the Ministry of Education and Culture as soon as possible after coordination with Panselnas is completed.

Separately, the Deputy Personnel Information Systems of BKN, Suharmen, said that in the next three days, his party, together with KemenPAN-RB and Kemendikbudristek, will calculate the graduation rate of the selection participants. Then run a simulation based on your graduation level.

“God willing, the accounts will start today,” said MP Soeharman.

He explained that it was agreed in the meeting of the National Committee on Thursday (30/9) to reconcile the mechanism of calculating graduation. This is done so as not to cause problems.

Kemendikbudristek conveyed that the announcement of the graduation of the PPPK phase for the teacher will be announced shortly after the discussion in Panselnas is completed.


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