The Tie-Dye Guy’s Gone Is The Main Suspect

Only building murders Episode five immediately draws from the cliffhanger that ends the previous episode, which sees Mabel (played by Selena Gomez) followed by the elusive “Tie -Dye Guy” – the man who ran into the building and up the stairs on fire at night Tim Kono was found dead. Newsweek has a full recap of Episode 5 of Only building murders entitled “Twist.”

Mabel doesn’t get upset and leads Tie-Dye Guy down an alleyway as she recites a monologue about Cheetos inflation and the price of Mabel’s jacket. He suddenly turned and pushed her to the ground, pulling out her knitting needle, threatening to take her “up to the bone.”

The argument is an exact reflection of the nightmare Mabel had in the first stage involving her stabbing a man to death in her room with her knitting needle. Mabel certainly has a darker side and she only has a small glimpse of us.

However, in a surprising turn, Mabel stops in her tracks after realizing that Tie-Dye Guy has a familiar face. Tie-Dye Guy is Oscar (Aaron Dominguez), who just gets out of jail after serving 10 years for a crime that has yet to be exposed.

Oscar (as Tie-Dye Guy) is one of the main suspects in Mabel, Charles (Steve Martin) and Oliver (Martin Short) searching for Tim’s murderer and Oscar has a very convenient explanation as to why he was in the building at the time of Tim’s death. He insisted the reason he climbed the stairs that night, instead of coming out like everyone else, was because he was looking for Mabel.

Meanwhile, Oliver suspects that Mabel is a serial killer and makes notes for their podcast, “Only Murders in the Building,” while Charles tries to keep a head level, believing Mabel must have a reasonable explanation for lying. They decide to follow Oscar and Mabel, who are on their way to Shore Road in Jersey.

Mabel believes that Tim is going to visit a jeweler named Gus Montrose but Oscar believes that Tim may be on the route to visit a tattoo artist, who is only Mabel’s cousin Gustavo ‘Tavo’ Mora (Esteban Benito), the owner of a tattoo parlor on Shore Road, Long Island.

It’s unclear why Oscar is in jail, but all indications so far suggest that he was wrongly convicted of the murder of his girlfriend Zoe in 2010, who died after being pushed from the roof of The Arconia. He gives Mabel a big spiel about wanting to stay out of trouble but ends up following her to the tattoo parlor, where she meets Charles and Oliver for the first time.

Charles confronts Mabel as to why she lied about knowing Tim Kono and she still feels brave enough to accuse Oscar of being with Tim Kono the night he died. Mabel jumps in her defense, forcing him to go upstairs to visit her but Oscar is quick to admit that he lied as well.

He confessed that he was going to Tim’s apartment that night for maybe “f *** up him up a bit” but not to kill him. He insisted when he got to Tim’s door, he heard gunshots and ran out of the building in fear.

At the end of the episode, Mabel’s cousin Tavo drops a hint about Tim’s fate. When he hears that Tim has died, Tavo reveals that Tim once thought he was going to be killed while he was trying to overthrow a businessman selling jewelry in the market named Angel.

At first Charles and Oliver find it hard to believe that a lone investment banker would be interested in dealing with jewelry on the black market until Mabel reveals a bag full of jewelry she discovered from Tim’s apartment.

As he pours them on the table, the stage comes to a dramatic closing. Our crime-solving trio could be one step closer to solving Tim’s murder after all and Tie-Dye Guy could be right next to them.

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Who Killed Tim? Identify the rank of the Suspects

1. Angel

A new suspect is thrown in the ring in episode five, a black jewelry market trader named Angel.

Tavo suspects that Tim may have been killed by a gang leader named Angel after Tim tried to remove the jewelry trader from the market.

After all, Tim has his own share of (stolen) expensive jewelry. Maybe he saw Angel as a threat to his business and things got ugly? Anything is possible now.

2. Oscar / Tie-Dye Guy

We can’t stop the Tie-Dye Guy show the suspect is just running. Oscar did admit that he would visit Tim the night he died, intending to hurt him, but ran away from the apartment door after hearing a gunshot.

How do we know that Oscar isn’t lying and just trying to cover up his tracks?

3. Mabel

There’s something a bit fishy about Mabel as well. He decides to hide from Charles and Oliver that he knows Tim and still can’t give a reason why.

He seems to have a close relationship with Oscar, someone who has so far confessed to wanting to hurt Tim. There is a possibility that Mabel will be with Oscar to overthrow Tim, who is together.

Only building murders dropped Tuesday at Hulu and Star at Disney +.

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