Three people injured, one seriously –

Three people were injured in the explosion inside a building on Atteone Road, in Torre Angela. The outbreak occurred at 8 am on Tuesday. The owner of the apartment where the fire broke out, 57, has been hospitalized with code red in Saint Eugenio. Fortunately, two neighbors, who live in the apartment next door, only had bruises.

Immediately the firefighters took out the three tenants as well as a dog. The explosion was likely caused by a gas leak and a crack in the third floor apartment, causing a partial collapse in the attic.

A fire also broke out after the outbreak of the disease. Firefighters evacuated the building and moved some people who were unharmed. 118 is also working to rescue the residents of the building who have taken to the street. Operations are coordinated by the regional fire brigade commander Francesco Notaro. Municipal police closed the roads leading to the blast site. In Via Atteone, there are also Casilina’s Carabinieri and Tor Bella Monaca station: they are the last to investigate the accident.

Meanwhile, Italgas has reported that the company’s gas distribution systems (nets and meters) are outside the home and are in order: The Italgas emergency service, which was immediately rushed, suspended the supply to allow firefighters to safely extinguish the flames.

September 14, 2021 | 08:36

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