Trucker tests positive for COVID-19 at the SA-Victoria border testing site in Riverland

SA Health says a Victorian truck driver has tested positive for COVID-19 at the border testing site in Yamba, in Riverland.

It added that the man, in his 20s, continued driving through southern Australia towards Western Australia before being notified of the outcome.

He has now been taken to the Midi Hotel in Adelaide.

No public exposure sites have been identified, but some may be announced soon.

More than half a dozen existing truck drivers have been moving across the state in recent weeks.

The man underwent a coronavirus test on Friday and the result came back on Saturday.

Another driver test result came back positive after a test at Yampa on Thursday night.

Yamba is located on the Sturt Highway, the main road between Adelaide and Sydney.

As of Thursday, all truck drivers entering South Australia from NSW, ACT or Victoria must have had at least one COVID-19 vaccine.

Positive cabin crew member

Earlier on Saturday, it was announced that a member of Virgin Australia’s cabin crew had tested positive for COVID-19, with six flights between Melbourne and Adelaide, Sydney and Newcastle now listed as exposure sites.

These include VA219 from Melbourne to Adelaide, VA218 Adelaide to Melbourne on October 4, VA827 Melbourne to Sydney, VA808 Sydney to Melbourne on October 5, VA1593 Melbourne to Newcastle and VA1594 from Newcastle to Melbourne on October 6.

SA Health contacted the 25 passengers on the flight to Adelaide.

They were already doing a 14-day quarantine as required when entering South Australia from Victoria.

Airline employees were also identified as primary close contacts.

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