Trump tests the waters of 2024 by inciting Iowan residents to burn the Capitol to the ground

WASHINGTON — Critics called the smoldering rubble in downtown Des Moines a potential preview of 2024, as they hypothesized Thursday that Donald Trump might test the waters for another presidential election by inciting Iowans to burn the state capitol to the ground. “Although he hasn’t officially announced his intention to run, the fact that Trump took to the podium, raised the torch, and demanded that fans run toward the Iowa State House to set it on fire is certainly evidence,” CNN analyst Chris Celisa said, adding that Trump sent several sensors that day, which confirmed that voters were more than willing to rush to the Iowa State Capitol, douse the building with gasoline, and throw a lit match to light the torch. While some were unsure if the former president ran another campaign inside, he managed to rally tens of thousands of Iowans to set the state capital on fire and dance in hell. Frankly, if that’s not a sign that he’s running in 2024, I don’t know what.” At the time of writing, Celiza suggested President Biden might want to take notice after images surfaced of Trump decompressing and urinating on the wreckage.


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